What’s Your Self-Defense If Your Gun Isn’t Loaded?

I ask my self-defense clients this question all the time — especially if they are enthusiasts that almost solely rely upon their gun collection for self-defense. How would you protect yourself from a violent attack if your gun malfunctioned? Or you ran out of bullets? Maybe you can’t even find your bullets or your gun in time enough to actually use them.

Tonight, when your family goes to sleep, it’s going to be a bit different than most…You tuck your kids in and you slip into bed with your wife, who is quickly drifting off into sleep herself. You read a bit from your favorite book or catch some of a late night show. You think your hear a sound coming from down in the kitchen. You are not easily shaken, so you just shrug it off as you’re “imagining things” and go about your nightly routine.

You go to the bathroom one last time and as you come out – BAM! You’re struck with the sight that you have only thought possible in Hollywood films. There is a thug posed right in the doorway to your bedroom – a BIG thug. You are certain your gun is kept right by your bed in a biometric safe, but is the clip in? Is it loaded? Where did you leave your box of bullets? Whoa, there’s no way you are gonna get this altogether before this attacker is upon you!

You stand there like a statue. Time feels frozen like a bad crime scene picture. You don’t know if you are scared or just feel unprepared. You’re just have no clue what to do – your mind is blank! Your wife looks over at you in a half awake haze. She starts to speak, but when her eyes follow yours to what you are staring at over at the door. She shrieks at the top of her lungs. She’s Very, VERY, loud.

Your heart skips a beat as you hear cries for help coming from your children’s room as well. Did they react just to hearing their mom’s scream or because another intruder could be in their room, too? You hear another clang coming from down in the kitchen. Is there a 3rd guy? Wow, now a 4th intruder? You must make your move and it has to be with no delay. No time to think. No Hesitation. You MUST act right now! Do You know what to do???

You are the mark and you are in the middle of a home invasion. You have to ask yourself the question, am I going to live or die? Am I truly prepared to protect my family with the self-defense skills and know-how that is needed in a time like this? Have I really taken the time out to learn everything there is to man-up and keep my family safe from harm? Without second-guessing myself and possibly causing them even greater harm?

When that attacker lunges towards you – THIS is what you do…

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