What Happens If You Can’t Get To Your Gun?

I ask my self-defense clients this question all the time. Especially if they are enthusiasts that almost solely rely upon their gun collection for self-defense. How would you protect yourself from a violent attack if you couldn’t get to your gun? Even if you carry in-home, but you just don’t have it on you at that moment. Maybe you can’t even remember where you left it, or if you put it down for a moment, or if it’s in a box by your bed.

Let’s say your family is just going to bed for the night. Your kids are tucked in and your wife has already drifted off asleep beside you, as well. As you turn off the TV or put your book down on the night stand, you hear an odd noise coming from downstairs. You are not a very paranoid type of person, so you just brush it off as if you’re “hearing things” and go about your business.

You get up one last time to hit the bathroom and as you come out – BOOM! You’re hit with the sight that you have only envisioned coming from the movies. There is a guy standing in your bedroom doorway – a BIG guy. You know your gun is safely kept right by your bed in a biometric safe, but it’s clip isn’t in. Heck, there’s no way you are even gonna get to it before this giant is upon you.

You stand there frozen. Time seems to feel like it is in fast forward and slow motion all at the same time. You can’t even tell if your scared. You’re just standing there and you don’t know what to do. Your wife rolls over and opens her eyes in a half awake haze. She starts to say something to you, but her eyes glance over to the door to see what it is that you are fixated on. Then she screams. Very, VERY, loudly.

Within a heartbeat you hear a cry come from your kids room too. Is it because they just heard their mom’s shriek or is it because there is yet another intruder in there too? You hear another thud coming from downstairs. Is there a 3rd? Maybe even a 4th intruder? You must take action and it must be right now. No stopping. No second guessing. You MUST know what to do. Do You???
You are caught right in the middle of a home invasion and unfortunately you are the mark. The question is, are you going to be the Victim or the Victor? Do you have the abilities and the skill to take this guy at your door, and God knows how many more, out? Right here? Right now? And without hesitation?

This is what you do when this guy starts moving towards you…


  1. Burton Haynes says:

    Martial Arts Training just doesn’t gut it anymore. You gotta be thinking outside the box more and more. Guns, weapons, anything you can get your hands on to take out the bad guys coming through your front door. I wish more people thought like this in my neighborhood. Everyone walks around acting like it will never happen to them. Go live in Canada if you think you can still leave your front door unlocked.

  2. Robert says:

    Some asshole comes barging through my front door and I’m gonna kill him with anything I can – that’s MY self defense. These damn anti self defense people think they’re gonna talk their way outta getting messed up or killed. If you can’t use your gun, you better use something just as good! These lefties will interview folks like Ted Nugent hoping that he will say something that they can take out of context and use later on. I think that Ted Nugent’s comments are emotional, heartfelt, and also intelligent. They were also structured so as to resist being taken out of context. Take out and repeat any part of what he said and the public response is most likely to go “right-on.” . Right-on Ted.

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