What’s Your Self-Defense If Your Gun Isn’t Loaded?

I ask my self-defense clients this question all the time — especially if they are enthusiasts that almost solely rely upon their gun collection for self-defense. How would you protect yourself from a violent attack if your gun malfunctioned? Or you ran out of bullets? Maybe you can’t even find your bullets or your gun in time enough to actually use them.

Tonight, when your family goes to sleep, it’s going to be a bit different than most…You tuck your kids in and you slip into bed with your wife, who is quickly drifting off into sleep herself. You read a bit from your favorite book or catch some of a late night show. You think your hear a sound coming from down in the kitchen. You are not easily shaken, so you just shrug it off as you’re “imagining things” and go about your nightly routine.

You go to the bathroom one last time and as you come out – BAM! You’re struck with the sight that you have only thought possible in Hollywood films. There is a thug posed right in the doorway to your bedroom – a BIG thug. You are certain your gun is kept right by your bed in a biometric safe, but is the clip in? Is it loaded? Where did you leave your box of bullets? Whoa, there’s no way you are gonna get this altogether before this attacker is upon you!

You stand there like a statue. Time feels frozen like a bad crime scene picture. You don’t know if you are scared or just feel unprepared. You’re just have no clue what to do – your mind is blank! Your wife looks over at you in a half awake haze. She starts to speak, but when her eyes follow yours to what you are staring at over at the door. She shrieks at the top of her lungs. She’s Very, VERY, loud.

Your heart skips a beat as you hear cries for help coming from your children’s room as well. Did they react just to hearing their mom’s scream or because another intruder could be in their room, too? You hear another clang coming from down in the kitchen. Is there a 3rd guy? Wow, now a 4th intruder? You must make your move and it has to be with no delay. No time to think. No Hesitation. You MUST act right now! Do You know what to do???

You are the mark and you are in the middle of a home invasion. You have to ask yourself the question, am I going to live or die? Am I truly prepared to protect my family with the self-defense skills and know-how that is needed in a time like this? Have I really taken the time out to learn everything there is to man-up and keep my family safe from harm? Without second-guessing myself and possibly causing them even greater harm?

When that attacker lunges towards you – THIS is what you do…

7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics

Self-Defense has a lot to do with self-reliance and preparedness. You must take action before your time of need. There is no time to prepare when already confronted with an emergency situation, especially not a violent one. When an intruder enters your home with the intent on harming you or your family, you only have time to react – not to plan. Your reaction is your action. So your plan for action must already have been set in place prior to the emergency.

This home self-defense plan for your family must be developed, set, checked, tested, retested, and refined before it can be effective. Then, the plan must be rehearsed and memorized so that it be comes reactive instead of thought-based. You don’t have any time to think when split-second decisions must be made. Rather, you must come from a place knowing rather than thinking in an emergency situation like a violent attack or home invasion.

When someone breaks into your home, it must be “go time” all the time. There is no room for hesitation. Your life and the welfare of your family are in your hands. So this is how you prepare: Take the time now, RIGHT NOW, to build a realistic home defense plan and educate yourself on all the aspects that you might feel you are lacking in.

Put the training and the resources in place – both physical and mental. Learn how to defend yourself from a violent attack. Understand how criminals might enter your property and make it harder for them to do so. Commit the family to learning, practicing, and memorizing what to do and how to do it. It must stick in their minds so that they can just move into action without thinking.

Security is based on putting the protocols in place that become habits not hinderances. If you put a whole system of self-defense together and then neglect to abide by it then it’s useless. If you make it so complicated or, on the other hand, so simple that it’s inherently lacking, then you lose, too. It must be decisive, direct, and devastating to an attacker who crosses your line of defense.

Here are 7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics to put into place:

1. Have at least 3 different escape routes out to the house that all of your family members know and have traced. Their exit plan must be instinctual and effective. Remember, just like in advanced military based tactics: 2=1 and 1=NONE. If you only have two ways out of an environment, you can quickly find yourself only having just one.

Unfortunately, in the midst of a violent attack, the one escape route that you have may now be blocked by the very attacker that you are trying to get away from. So make sure you always have more than a pair of options within all aspects of the design of your system.

2. Make sure multiple hiding places are possible in the event that escape isn’t an option. Remember from just above, more than three, at the least. Although exiting a potential violent encounter is always the best route, sometimes it is impossible to make that happen. So there always must be a second set of variables put in place.

3a. Know where your gun is at all times. If you own a weapon, always have it locked, cocked, and ready to rock. By locked, I mean in a safe secure place that is easily accessible to you and any other adults in the household that you know, love, and trust. A biometric or simple push-button combination box is best. It’s your choice in keeping a round chambered or not. Trigger locks are great precautional measure for extended storage, but not “active” storage.

3b. When I say cocked, I mean you must have the unit well maintained, cleaned, and lubricated. A firearm is useless for defensive purposes if it is just as likely to jam as it will fire. I won’t get into makes and models here, but fancy and expensive just don’t cut it – simple, reliable action does. Also, make sure that you have ammunition in or right by the piece. As an additional safety precaution, you don’t have to have a round chambered, but you better know that it isn’t so that you know you need to load a round before you can trigger.

3c. Ready to rock means: get training on your gun. Don’t think that you are even gonna hit the broad side of a barn door without keeping up your target practice. Just chillin‘ in the firing range shooting at targets is the bare minimum. If you can afford it, take regular tactical firearms training courses. Stay on top of your education, because the last time I checked, bad guys just don’t stand still — especially if they see a gun being drawn.

4. Always keep a bug-out bag loaded, maintained, and ready to go. What’s a bug-out bag you ask? It’s for when it all hits the fan and you gotta get outta Dodge really fast! It should have all the basic necessities to escape and evade any situation. The most important point to make here though, is that most people keep their bug-out bag inside their house; for the purpose of home invasion defense, you must insure that the bag is stored at a close location outside of your house. You don’t have time to dig around through stuff in your house before you make your escape. That would completely contradict and prolong your escape and evasion unnecessarily.

Store your bug-out bag in a tool shed, unattached garage, or secondary enclosure away from your primary house. The size of the bags and what you put in them depend upon what area of the country you live in and what the regional weather is like there at the time (some contents of the bag may change seasonally), how many days supplies need to last for, and how many people the bag is to service. The amount of factors and variables that go into this are beyond the scope of this article, but I will discuss them in an individual post at a later date.

5. Exterior routes, rendezvous, and relocation. You must create provisions for where to go once you get out of the house, how to hook back up with other household members, and where you are all going to head to after that. Also there must be protocols in place for what to do if someone didn’t make it out or is unaccounted for. Have the cops been called? Are there other possible perpetrators outside your property that need to be dealt with?

6. Learn how to create improvised self-defense tools on the spot. Some refer to these as improvised weapons, but I always want to lead my clients in a “defensive” direction. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, but since none of us are spiderman, we have to make do with make-shift tools and train our intuition to take action in an emergency situation.

7. What do you do when you have to actually fight back with your bare hands? Fight back with all your might. Don’t stop and don’t give up until the threat no longer exists. I am a firm believer that when all possible options are exhausted that it is, without a doubt, better to be judged by 12 rather than carried by 6. This is the case in most home invasions. The eminent threat of death, rape, or torture of your family is not a judgement call that can be made in the matter of time that you have in a potentially violent situation that has already begun to take action with the unlawful entry to your property.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I condone the use of lethal force in situations that do not require the use of it to adequately protect and escape. But, when you are out-numbered or the true nature of the threat is unknown, then deploying maximum force in the self-defense of your family is not only necessary, but required as you do not know what will come at you next.

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What Happens If You Can’t Get To Your Gun?

I ask my self-defense clients this question all the time. Especially if they are enthusiasts that almost solely rely upon their gun collection for self-defense. How would you protect yourself from a violent attack if you couldn’t get to your gun? Even if you carry in-home, but you just don’t have it on you at that moment. Maybe you can’t even remember where you left it, or if you put it down for a moment, or if it’s in a box by your bed.

Let’s say your family is just going to bed for the night. Your kids are tucked in and your wife has already drifted off asleep beside you, as well. As you turn off the TV or put your book down on the night stand, you hear an odd noise coming from downstairs. You are not a very paranoid type of person, so you just brush it off as if you’re “hearing things” and go about your business.

You get up one last time to hit the bathroom and as you come out – BOOM! You’re hit with the sight that you have only envisioned coming from the movies. There is a guy standing in your bedroom doorway – a BIG guy. You know your gun is safely kept right by your bed in a biometric safe, but it’s clip isn’t in. Heck, there’s no way you are even gonna get to it before this giant is upon you.

You stand there frozen. Time seems to feel like it is in fast forward and slow motion all at the same time. You can’t even tell if your scared. You’re just standing there and you don’t know what to do. Your wife rolls over and opens her eyes in a half awake haze. She starts to say something to you, but her eyes glance over to the door to see what it is that you are fixated on. Then she screams. Very, VERY, loudly.

Within a heartbeat you hear a cry come from your kids room too. Is it because they just heard their mom’s shriek or is it because there is yet another intruder in there too? You hear another thud coming from downstairs. Is there a 3rd? Maybe even a 4th intruder? You must take action and it must be right now. No stopping. No second guessing. You MUST know what to do. Do You???
You are caught right in the middle of a home invasion and unfortunately you are the mark. The question is, are you going to be the Victim or the Victor? Do you have the abilities and the skill to take this guy at your door, and God knows how many more, out? Right here? Right now? And without hesitation?

This is what you do when this guy starts moving towards you…