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“Shanghai 1924 was Considered to be One of the Toughest, Most Violent times in History 

- Until Now…”

This Is De-Classified Combat History

From the desk of Mtano Loewi, Sr. CQB Instructor

RE: De-Classified Combat History

Dear Friend,
All the rumors about this legend are true…

The Chinese Lords of the Underground would wage an open war on anyone who would cross them.  Gangs that would run the import and export of contraband, drugs, and stolen merchandise was truly on an epic world wide level.  Shanghai was not only the western world’s gateway for the far east, it was also a melting pot of greed, hatred, gangs and violence.

England might have been trying to control the rule of the government, but the gang lords of Shanghai would own the movement of ANYTHING in and out of the shipping ports – being shipped in and out by ship.The politicians and police had such an increasingly hard time controlling the gang activity and violence they sought out the one person they felt could make a difference.

This English Military Officer’s name was Col. William Fairbairn and they made him Deputy Commissioner of The Shanghai Municipal Police.  As an expert boxer, fencer, western wrestler, and marksman.  He was the ultimate choice to the British High Command.  He was chosen to travel to Shanghai to train the police troops to counteract the forces of evil that were running rampant on the shipping docks everyday.


This is NOT a Legend… It is the REAL makings of the world’s greatest Master of Self-Defense 

Upon arriving in Shanghai as the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fairbairn was absolutely floored by the craziness of violence that was displayed everyday.  So he took it upon himself to draw up a brand new angle to counter attack it.  He lined up his troops and made lists of all that his men had to offer him.

Fairbairn’s quest was to create the most brutally effective hand-to-hand combat system ever created!  He looked at what every one of his officers had to offer… every skill, every technique, and every movement.  He noted what worked and wouldn’t work for everyone.  It didn’t matter the height, the weight, the speed, or the age.  More importantly, he threw away anything that took too long to master.


The Ultimate History of Fighting is now at YOUR Fingertips…

Speed, Effectiveness, and Fast Time to Learn were of massive importance in the training of his troops.  The police units Fairbairn created to combat the violence on the street and effectively raid the hideouts and illegal storage of contraband where known as Night Squads.  They were “raiding units” and effectively what became the first ever Special Weapons and Tactics Team – know known as SWAT.  Not only that, he even developed what would later transform into the first bulletproof-like vests. Just look at them:

Fairbairn’s teams combed the Shanghai docks at night raiding every known gang warlord hide out and storage of stolen goods and contraband.  They cleaned up the streets and created the benchmark for tactical policing around the world.  Although Fairbairn was credited with traveling around Asia and training policing units into elite forces that made crooks cringe, that was by far not his greatest accomplishment at all.

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WWII breaks out and Fairbairn unleashes his Elite Training on the First US MARINES and More… read on!

Rumblings within the civil world of the United States entering World War 2 had been growing by the moment, but unbeknownst to the average civilian, the US had both hands behind it’s back fully in the war.  You might have heard the rumor that the US knew up to 10 days prior to the attack of Pearl Harbor, that  the Japanese were going to come.  That will remain a rumor forever, but what the truth is – is far more chilling…

Two Nations on the Brink of War set up the most secretive spy training camps in the world.  They were simply named with a single letter at opposite ends of the alphabet so that if the Axis of Evil ever found of their existence, they would think that there were at least 26 of them instead of only two:  Camp X and Camp B.  First let’s start with Camp B, which is still in existence today, but known by a very different name: The President’s Camp David.  In a remote mountainous area of Thurmont it was, by far, the more tame of the two.  You see, all the action happened just outside of the walls of the US, across the Great Lakes in Oshua, Canada.



How the REAL Life 007 was Born…

Camp X was the MOST secretive spy training camp on the planet.  And to this day all the secrets have never been unlocked … and probably never will. Because, today, Camp X is just a cow pasture on a grassy knoll overlooking the waters of Lake Ontario.   But shortly after 1941 when it was built, it became the Allied Special Forces hub for all intelligence and spy training activity.  It housed the SOE which was the predecessor to the FBI and the CIA agencies.

What was truly going on in WW2 was only known within earshot of the camp’s walls.  The head of information and propaganda went on to become one of the largest public relations firms and sales agencies in the world – David Olgivy, but one of members “invited” to the facility went on to even greater fame.  the British Naval Intelligence Commander. His name was Ian Fleming and he wrote the 007 novels off his experiences through Camp X.

When Ian Flemming wrote James Bond fighting, he wrote him unleashing the skills that Col William Fairbairn collected, created, and harnessed with his own bare hands.  The same hands that instructed the most elite spies in the world, the US first Marine units, and by all accounts, the hands that had the power to deliver the most accurate and powerful blows known to mankind.  These are the skills that you will command today… How you ask? Well, I’ll make this long story as short as I can for you right now… 

The Legend in Law Enforcement Transforms Modern History

One Elite Soldier

Who had the great honor of training directly under Fairbairn in Canada and also surviving the “war to end all wars” was a officer by the name of Harold Stairn.  Stairn then, in turn, passed on these awesomely elite techniques to another elite special forces hand-to-hand combat instructor Bill Wolfe, and that’s where I come in, I was one of his chief students. 

I trained under him for years, became an instructor, then senior unarmed combat instructor.  I’ve had the honor of teaching many police, soldiers, and civilians what I know and now I will hand it over to YOU.  Because when you take command of this knowledge and harness it’s power, you will be as close to unstoppable as humanly possible.


This is NOT a Joke. This is NOT a Ploy.

These are are Scientifically Proven and Battle Tested Techniques that have been developed over the last 90-Years.  It is culmination of all greatness that came before you… And NOW it’s all right here for you when you begin BATTLE DRILL – COMBAT STREET.  There is NOTHING better, this is it.  And it is only right here!!! Take Action NOW before it’s too late…

Ask Yourself …

What Happens When It’s TOO LATE???

 TOO LATE FOR YOUR SKILLS: What happens when your mainstream dojo-on-the-corner, regular ol’ martial arts don’t work on the streets? (It WON’T)

 TOO LATE FOR YOUR GUNS: What happens when in trying to stop the three massive attackers in front of you unload your entire clip into one of them – now what are you gonna do with the other two??? (or Your Gun JAMS)

 TOO LATE FOR YOUR FAMILY: What are you gonna do when you wake up out of a dead sleep in bed and you can’t even get to your gun because there is already a pair of hands around your throat choking god’s life out of you? (Their LIVES are in YOUR hands)

It’s Time NOW For YOU…
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Battle Drill–Combat Street

Why? Because it was good enough for REAL S.O.E. Spies deep in the heart of Germany who had NO back-up anywhere in sight. Just like 007.  Fairbairn developed it. Stairn commanded it. Wolfe modernized it. And now, I am delivering it RIGHT TO YOU!!!  This System is Programmed to be…

* Easy To Follow.

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This System is TRUE Unarmed Combat.  PROVEN Self-Defense For The REAL WORLD on the Battle Field and on the Violent Streets.

History is Repeating itself Right Now…

Whether you are traveling abroad or just down to the corner store, it’s getting to be like Shanghai 1924 all over again – only this time, god forbid, it’s right here in the good ol’ USA.  Just look at the Violence in the headlines of the newspaper EVERYDAY.  It’s like there’s a war upon the common citizens of this Great Nation.

So I challenge you RIGHT NOW… For the betterment of this great country and safety of your loving family, to take a stand with me and train for the worst, expect the worst – that way you will be PREPARED THE BEST. The Future Of Your Freedom, Your Family, and Your Fortune are at stake. You MUST Take Action Right Now!!!

You don’t have to wait 10-YEARS to get a Black Belt… You Don’t Have TIME wait in the Face Of Violence!!!

You don’t have to navigate your way through B.S. Scam Artists that have patched together a so-called “system” based on their limited knowledge of true military based combatives… This is Life & Death Training – YOUR LIFE & DEATH!!!

You most certainly don’t need to Waste Your Time trying to convert the rules and regulations of sports-based MMA fighting in the ring to try to make it work on the streets…The STREETS Didn’t Have Rules in the 1920′s in Shanghai – and they Still Don’t TODAY in the USA!!!

Take ACTION In This History…
Become Your Own 007 – Right Now!

BATTLE DRILL-COMBAT STREET contains a legion of extreme unarmed combat tactics used in the most serious and dire situations.  Don’t underestimate your capabilities when YOU harness the power right now.

Look… the Bad Guys don’t give a crap about your martial arts, your black belt rank, or even how many fights in the ring you’ve ever been in.  They will KILL you and your family without a moment’s thought if you don’t stop them right here and now.  So what are you gonna do?  How are you gonna react?

When you own BATTLE DRILL-COMBAT STREET you’ll know just how to…

Stop An Attacker DEAD IN HIS TRACKS: Common Street Thugs are NO MATCH For These Uncommon Unarmed Combat Tactics!


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    From taking you out by tossing you around the room like a rag doll… And the harder he tries, the more likely the only thing he will “take out” is his own back!
  • Using your Arms like Knives…
    Against your attacker’s neck and face – if he pushes in harder, he’s just gonna crush his windpipe.
  • What ONE Simple Move…
    Can take out any attempts from throwing you from behind.
  • Stopping Wrestler-Types of Attacks.
    By taking out the bad guy’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat. You’ll have him blind and gasping for air.
  • How to Trap, Chicken Wing…
    And do a bunch of other awesome moves that have Crazy Classified Names.
  • Crushing Attackers Headlocks Before They Crush You.
    You can actually fight from this position because the bad guy has left himself defenseless by trying to concentrate on popping your head off your body.
  • Dark Alleys will seriously be lighting up with YOUR Fists of Fury…


When YOU Are Woken Up at 3 AM – Butt Naked Wearing Nothing But Your Drawers…Your Own Two Hands Will Be Your Ultimate Weapons When You Command The Power of

Battle Drill – Combat Street

And Right Now…

When you hear the screams for help from your loved one’s – you WILL command the power to react with the speed and precision of a skilled master of real world self defense.  Not some crap found in some corner dojo on Main Street.

When you claim BATTLE DRILL-COMBAT STREET today, you claim the strength, courage, honor, and conviction to follow in the footsteps of the greatest warriors on earth.  The soldiers that fought with their own bare hands in the war to end all wars – and now YOU have the power to end a violent attack against you and your family.

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YOU will no longer a sheep – you will be a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. No matter how mild mannered you used to look by day – you will now be equipped with the most brutally effective self-defense techniques that can unleash to stop a violent attacker cold in his tracks.

While once a mild mannered citizen, you will now be transformed into an elite defense operative who can command the power of the forefathers – the skills, the techniques, the mindset, and the mastery.

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PS… a triple spinning back kick might work perfectly for Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Bruce Lee in the movies – But on the REAL STREETS, even if you trained as hard as you could, It will NEVER be effective against a Violent Attack!

But Now… YOU’LL KNOW What To DO…