About Mtano

Mtano Loewi is a recognized expert in a modernized version of the unarmed hand-to-hand combat skills that were originally taught to the first US Marines and Special Forces Soldiers in World War II.

Although not in the military, his training in this discipline began when a retired Canadian Special Forces Combat Drill Sergeant became his mentor and drilled these skills into him for almost 10 years.

With a commitment to excellence in his training and consulting, Mtano has a global vision of providing every person with the knowledge of how to effectively defend themselves against personal attacks and violent crime. This empowerment has a ripple effect on people, many times changing their perpective and giving them new confidence and determination in life.

Mtano is a Sr. Hand-to-Hand Combat Certification Instructor and also holds an Instructor Certification in CrossFit, the physical training program used by the US Navy Seals. He has written for BlackBelt Magazine and been featured in a Muscle & Fitness Magazine photo shoot.